Gifted Education Mission:


 Identify and challenge gifted students with appropriate learning experiences rich in depth and complexity through differentiated, personalized instruction and learning environments. Encourage perseverance and a love of learning through embracing a "growth mindset".

 Listen to our students' voices about being gifted: I Am Gifted

Gifted and Talented Information

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District Gifted Documents and Resources


Tulsa Public Schools Gifted and Talented Program

 ‚ÄčiGniTing the SPARK

Meeting the Needs of the Whole Child

Social/Emotion development, Service;

Problem-Solving, Perseverance;  Potential, Personalized Learning

  Achievement in Academics & the Arts; Advocacy

Research, Rigor; & 

     Knowledge, "C"ritical, "C"reative Thinking, "C"ommunication, "C"ollaboration

Defining Gifted and Talented               

"Gifted and talented children" means children identified at the preschool, elementary and secondary level as having demonstrated potential abilities of high performance, capability and in need of differentiated or accelerated education or services.

For the purpose of this definition, "demonstrated abilities of high performance capability" means those identified students who score in the top three percent (3%) on any national standardized test of intellectual ability.

This definition may also include students who excel according to the Multi-Criteria definition in one or more of the following areas:

  • Specific Academic Ability (i.e. Math, Science, ELA, Technology, Social Studies)
  • Creative Thinking Ability
  • Leadership Ability
  • Visual/Performing Arts Ability
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