TPS Arts Integration Programs
Arts Integration at Tulsa Public Schools
Tulsa Public Schools supports three Arts Integration programs. Each of these programs is research based with the goal in mind of developing and enhancing established learning communities.

Any Given Child-Tulsa

Any Given Child-Tulsa is a program of the Arts &Humanities Council of Tulsa, a partnership between The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington D.C., Tulsa Public Schools, the City of Tulsa, and many Tulsa arts organizations.


The goals of Any Given Child-Tulsa is to ensure that all TPS students in grades K-8 receive a quality, sequential arts education that encompasses both school and community resources.  A part of TPS curriculum, all K-8 students will experience an arts-focused field study trip and arts-integrated curriculum each year.  Teachers will also receive free, extensive professional development opportunities in arts integration.


The following arts-focused field study trips are provided to all K-8 TPS students;

Kindergarten - a theatre performance at Tulsa PAC

First Grade- a visit to Gilcrease Museum

Second Grade - a performance of a childrens' opera by Tulsa Opera

Third Grade - a visit to Philbrook Museum

Forth Grade - a performance of modern dance by Choregus Productions and a performance by Chamber Music Tulsa

Fifth Grade - a performance by the Tulsa Ballet

Sixth Grade - a visit to the Hardesty Arts Center

Seventh Grade - a visit to the Sherwin Miller Museum of Jewish Art

Eighth Grade - a performance by the Tulsa Symphony Orchestra


Oklahoma A+ Schools

100 N. University Dr., Campus Box 97

Edmond, OK 74034-5207

(405) 974-3779;

 “What most of you know that maybe others don’t is that out there right now is some kid with a great song in their head we’ve yet to hear or a novel in their heart that has yet to be written.  There’s someone out there that hasn’t picked up a paintbrush yet but has a masterpiece on the horizon.  There’s a kid out there who hasn’t picked up a camera yet but could end up making a memorable film of their time.

 What most of you know that others might not as clearly see, is that the nurturing of creativity comes into play in the everything from world diplomacy to world economics, business endeavors to social endeavors and everything in between.  It is creativity that gives all of the nuance that often makes the difference.  In all its forms, art plays a critical role in finding our way as people and as a culture.”

`Robert Redford, April 2008 in address to the United States Congress

 Oklahoma A+ Schools® is a research based whole school network with a mission of nurturing creative learners.  Network schools are provided with ongoing professional development, an integrate support system, and an active research component conducted by university professors.

 Each participating school builds community to enhance the development of creativity, innovation and critical thinking of their students.  The research results each year are proof that the model is successful in leading to higher achievement, and joyful and engaged students.

 Oklahoma A+ Schools in the Tulsa Public Schools district include:  Chouteau Elementary, Eugene Field Elementary, Grimes Elementary, Grissom Elementary, Mark Twain Elementary, Owen Elementary  Schools.

Harwelden Institute

Arts & Humanities Council of Tulsa


2210 South Main

Tulsa, Oklahoma 74114

(918) 584-3333;

 Harwelden Institute is modeled after the Lincoln Center Institute for Aesthetic Education in New York City and is one of only 19 programs in the world. It instructs classroom teachers on ways to integrate the arts into their core classroom curriculum. Through hands-on workshops, professional artists encourage teachers to create and experience art in new ways. The Institute consists of a summer session for teachers and a school year experience for their students. The teachers and the artists together create lesson plans focused on a piece of artwork.

 Harwelden Institute schools in the Tulsa Public Schools District include:

Chouteau Elementary

Cooper Elementary

Eliot Elementary

Emerson Elementary

Eugene Field Elementary

Grimes Elementary

Grissom Elementary

Lanier Elementary

Lee Elementary

Lindbergh Elementary

Mark Twain Elementary

McKinley Elementary

Newcomer Elementary

Owen Elementary

Park Elementary

Phillips Elementary

Remington Elementary

Robertson Elementary

Sandburg Elementary

Sequoyah Elementary

Whitman Elementary

And Lewis & Clark MS

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